Making batch production a smooth operation – Decon Conveyor and Automated Systems presents its range of food handling and tabletop conveyor systems!

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Most factory products are built using the batch production method where a batch of products goes together through the step-by-step production phases until they take on their final shape. Carrying items from one work stop to another would be an impossible task. Apart from labour requirements, imagine the chances of damage to the products!

Made from the best materials and specifically designed for use in industrial environments, our range of conveying systems can withstand decades of daily use without succumbing to wear and tear.

Factory Conveyor Systems

But you don’t need to imagine any further because Decon Conveyors and Automated Systems brings to you the ultimate solution to this problem – by manufacturing and installing for you top quality factory conveying systems that can safely and efficiently transport your products from one work station to another till they reach their final station and become finished products.

Our factory conveying systems are durable and reliable, thus reducing the chances of your products getting damaged during the production process. They also provide stability in transportation and ensure that your production process continues to run smoothly.

Our food handling conveyors do exactly as the name suggests – they efficiently and effortlessly handle processing of food products. Food demands to be handled with extreme care and deserves to go through a hygienic process until it is packaged and delivered to distribution outlets.

Our top-quality food handling conveyors are built using material that does not contain any harmful chemicals that could pose any threat to food items being transported on them. Since they are easy to clean and maintain, you can rely on them to provide a hygienic transportation system.

custom design solution

Food Handling Conveyors

Our table top conveyor systems are built to handle all processing of products from filling to packaging to labelling and final inspection before despatch. Our sturdy and powerful table top conveyor systems can be used to transport a variety of products and materials including boxes, bottles, cans, etc.

Moreover, we will design them to handle an incline or a decline movement of products safely without subjecting them to the risk of getting damaged. Also, we can place them on heights so you can have a smooth flowing system without it taking up too much valuable space on your factory floor.

At Decon Conveyors and Automated Systems, we are always coming up with new and innovative designs of conveying systems so you can get the latest in this field. Designed to complete one job, our specialised food conveyor systems are modern, efficient, and can greatly improve your output.

We design all our conveying systems for maximum functionality and safe operation; we ensure that you and your workers are safe while using our conveying systems because we know that a large number of workers are exposed to the risk of getting injured while executing their daily tasks in factories and industries.

Table Top Conveyor

So, browse through our range of factory convey or systems, food handling conveyors, and table top conveyor systems and make your selection. We will customize any system that you feel is the closest to your requirements.

Our expert staff will also be more than pleased to offer you any guidance you require in this regard. Give us a call today at Decon Conveyors and Automated Systems and let us build our high performing conveying systems for your factory!

Warehouse Conveyor Systems

Are you wanting to streamline your warehouse operations and daily output? Committed to delivering the best industrial conveyor systems on the market to our valued customers the experts at Decon Conveyors.

Custom-made to suit the dimensions of the warehouse, as well as our customer’s specific desires and onsite requirements, our warehouse conveyor systems ensure that businesses can keep up with demand for their products without falling behind.

To find out more about our professional and detailed warehouse conveyor system solutions call us on 0419 383 330.

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