Custom Conveyor Design
Conveyor Design and Manufacturing

Our design and manufacturing capacities allow us to design complete conveyor systems that can employ different kinds of conveyors and move different kinds of materials. We can design and build anything from a simple belt system to a complete production line.

custom design solution

Stainless Steel Conveyors

If your needs include both an overhead chain conveyor and a belt conveyor, we can design and manufacture a complete system with both capacities. If you need just a powered roller conveyor, we can also design that.

Conveyor Systems Built to Australian Standards

We do not use imported equipment built to foreign standards. All of our equipment is designed here in Australia and built to Australian standards by skilled Australian workers. This allows us to create custom solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of Australian industry.

custom design solution

Conveyor Design

Since we do all of our conveyor design and manufacturing in-house, we have the capacity to modify or customise any equipment that we install at any time. That provides customers with a far more flexible material handling capacity.

Customer Service

We will guide the customer through every aspect of the project, from design to final delivery. In addition to that, we are capable of quickly following up any concern a client has after delivery. That includes any adjustment or addition that the client needs.

It also includes upgrades to software and electronics when necessary.

Custom Conveyors

Since all of our conveyor systems are custom designed and built, it is impossible for us to provide a price quote until we know your specific needs. Please contact us at 0419 383 330 and provide a description of your project.

Once we have details of the project, we will be able to provide a competitive price quote.

Creating efficient material handling systems and machinery– Decon Conveyors and Automated Systems are at your service! When you have a material handling challenge, Decon Conveyors and Automated Systems are the ones you need to contact!

Our top quality stainless steel conveyors are going to be designed and manufactured entirely based on your specific requirements and the utility that you desire from your conveyor. We are specialists in translating customer preferences into design specifications and then converting these design specifications into a conveyor solution that will provide you the best solution to all your material transport and movement problems.

It is quite different to think of one thing and picture it in your mind and then see it in reality. The best thing about how Decon Conveyors builds all of its conveyors is reflected in the design process. Since we use a computer based 3D modelling at the design stage, we can share the conveyor design with you so you can identify anything we are missing or anything you want changed in its design rather than getting stuck with something you don’t like.

What may be in your mind may not make practical sense when it is put into actual design. 3D modelling allows us to show you the conveyor design in a way that allows you to picture exactly how your conveyor will look like once built; and you can make changes in what you see, especially in areas where you see the conveyor may pose operational problems. 3D modelling of the conveyor therefore allows us to correct ourselves before it is too late and the final product is already on its way to delivery.

The stainless steel custom conveyors built by us are extremely versatile and efficient. Our stainless steel conveyors are ideal for handling any kind of product with finesse, accuracy, and expertise. Whether it is a food item such as meat or packaged cupcakes, dairy item such as packaged milk or yogurt, any consumer goods, clothing, electronics, machines – whatsoever it is, our stainless steel conveyors are geared up with power, stability, and durability to handle whatever comes their way.

Our stainless steel custom conveyors are easy to clean and maintain and therefore you can be sure that your products and materials are being processed in a safe and hygienic manner. Moreover, our conveyor design takes into account the varying environmental conditions conveyors may be exposed to, based on kind of industry it is being installed in. The severe industrial usage is not a threat to the durability of our stainless steel custom conveyors!

Therefore, if you want the very best for your industrial usage then place your order for highly durable stainless steel custom conveyors with us at Decon Conveyors and Automated Systems!